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Dr. Felix Jaetae Seo

Position:  Interim Chair and Professor

Educational Background:  B.S., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies Ph.D., 1997, Hampton University, Hampton, VA

Research Interests:  Interactions and dynamics of photon and localized energies in nanoscale materials and structures


The world faces serious challenges of energy independence, environmental sustainability, economic stability, and security assurance under current historic strain. The challenges confront due to deficient scientific understanding and technological advancement, and deficit between capacity and requirements or desires. The optical studies on interactions and dynamics of photon and localized or confined energies in human-engineered nanoscale materials and structures greatly contribute to optical science, and significantly advance photonic nanotechnology and industry for the benefit of human society. Research activities in the applied nanoscience and nanotechnology laboratory include optical dynamics by coupling of exciton to surface plasmon polariton, surface-enhanced Raman scattering, ultrafast and nonlinear optical and electronic dynamics, and temporal, spectral, and spatial energy transitions and dynamics of organic and inorganic nanoscale materials and systems for industrial and defense applications. The applications include solid-state lighting, solar cells, biochem sensing, biomedical detection and treatment, and various defense and security applications.

The applied nanoscience and nanotechnology laboratory is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for optical and laser spectroscopy, and maintains a pool of funding sources to conduct intensive research activities. All spectroscopic facilities including absorption spectroscopy, time-resolved and low/high-temperature PL spectroscopy, nonlinear and ultrafast spectroscopy, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, pump-probe, Z-scan, four wave mixing, optical Kerr gate, and transient absorption spectroscopy are inclusively utilized for national and international collaborative activities in many ways. Participants in the applied nanoscience and nanotechnology laboratory sincerely accept scientific challenges and respect healthy competition. In addition to the intense research activities for maintaining and developing strong research and educational programs, outreach and dissemination have been also important parts of his academic activities.

He has authored or co-authored over ~280 journals, proceedings, technical articles, conference presentations, and invited seminar and colloquia. Selected recent publications are listed below:

Selected Publications:

Jaetae Seo, Qiguang Yang, Wanjoong Kim, Jinhwa Heo, Seongmin Ma, Jasmine Austin, WanSoo Yun, SungSoo Jung, SangWoo Han, Bagher Tabibi, and Doyle Temple “Optical Nonlinearities of Au Nanoparticles and Au/Ag Coreshells,” Optics Letters, 34(3), 307 (2009).

Wan-Joong Kim, Jaetae Seo, Jasmine Austin, Wan Soo Yun, Chil Seong Ah, Gun Yong Sung, and In Sung Choi, “Colorimetric Analysis on Flocculation of Bio-inspired Au Self-Assembly for Bio-Photonic Application,” Journal of Nanomaterials 2009, 261261 (2009).

  1. M. Ma, J. T. Seo, W. Yu, Q. Yang, B. Tabibi, D. Temple, M. Namkung, J. Heo, W. J. Kim, and S.S. Jung, “Nonlinear Optical Properties of Mushroom-Shaped CdSe/CdS Coreshells,” Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 9(2), 1341-1345 (2009).

Quanqin Dai, Yingnan Wang, Ruowang Li, Yu Zhang, Xinbi Li, Ruowang Li, Bo Zou, Jaetae Seo, Yiding Wang, Manhong Liu, and William W. Yu “Stability study of PbSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals over Concentration, Size, Atmosphere, and Light Exposure” Langmuir 25 (20), 12320 (2009).

Quanqin Dai, Yingnan Wang, Xinbi Li, Donald J. Pellegrino, Yu Zhang, Muxun Zhao, Bo Zou, Jaetae Seo, Yiding Wang, and William W. Yu, “Size-dependent Composition and Molar Extinction Coefficient of PbSe Semiconductor Nanocrystals,” American Chemical Society-Nano 3(6), 1518 (2009).