silhouette of camera drone flew in mid air

Hampton University Goes to Drone Camp

Hampton University has accepted a proposal with Amazon to participate in Drone Camp. The MassRobotics and Brown University Drone Camp proposal plan includes the provisions for training, travel, and equipment for Hampton University’s Aviation Department (HU-AVN) and selected faculty and students to earn their FAA Part 107 UAS Pilot license. Hampton University is prepared to send 2 faculty and 6 certified student drone pilots to work with the MassRobotics and Brown University hosted summer “Drone Camp.” The Aviation Department continuously seeks opportunities to reach underrepresented students through the use of simulators and robotics; this proposal seeks to accomplish that goal. Amazon Robotics funding for HU’s Aviation program participation at MassRobotics and Brown University’s Drone Camp will provide our faculty and students with knowledge and expertise to organize a Summer Drone Camp for diverse STEM K-12 students throughout the Hampton Roads, VA region. Instruction and interaction between MassRobotics and Brown University will strengthen the academic relationship with Hampton University as it strives to become a leader in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Autonomous Systems.

  • 1. Provide education and technology professional development opportunities in UAS
  • 2.. Offer AR/STEM opportunity to underrepresented student populations
  • 3. Build pathway programs with local k-12 public schools in robotic and UAS programs
  • 4. Deliver STEM based activities to middle and high schools students that support their building, programming and flying drones.
  • 5. Provide pathways for students to pursue courses in the aerospace industry.
  • 6. Host summer camps for students interested in opportunities involving UAS.

Training supports the outlined missions and goals for the MassRobotics and Brown University Drone Camp. Specifically, the training for this project will provide a six-week Instructors UAS Training Course. This will include 2-2.5 hours per week for HU-AVN faculty and students. Training will offer an introduction to the commercial drone market and applications, drone design principles, the ardupilot ecosystem, soldering instructions, assembly, programming, flying the drone and running a programmed mission for Return to Home and Auto Lan