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Computer Science- Senior Capstone Project

Senior Capstone in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science curricula requires a two-semester capstone project, Software Development and Design I and II. The Capstone begins with the seniors receiving requirements and prototypes from the previous Hampton spring semester graduates. The teams review and critique all developed projects and select the project they choose to continue for the semester. An appointed Project Manager directs the project teams selected by the faculty and each team. Because requirements might change, the collaborative faculty will intentionally add and re-adjust as appropriate. To facilitate the process, the faculty serve as instructors as well as the clients.

Structuring the teams is critical to mirroring the business setting for successful outcomes. As such, each team consists of four-to-six members with at least three teams per semester. With five iterations throughout each semester, the last iteration culminates with a final exam. The exam includes a formal presentation, coding, and providing the client with final documentation. In constructing the second semester with newly created teams and project managers, the teams start with a “blank sheet” with a new project and list of basic requirements. With the objective for the teams to create and develop solid requirements from a project concept that results in a viable prototype, the project is passed to the next year’s senior class for completion. At the end of the second semester for the Capstone’s timeline, all students will have rotated through the Software Development Life Cycle. Lastly, the Agile methodology is used to simulate a real world team environment project management process. In culminating the software development for the Senior Capstone Project, the col