FAA Medical Certificates

Classes of Medical Certificates

There are three classes of medical certificates.

1.    First-class certificates are required for pilots exercising privileges of an airline transport pilot certificate.

2.    Second-class medical certificates are needed for performing other commercial operations.

3.    Third-class medical certificates are adequate for private pilot privileges.

Students pursuing the Flight Education degree must pass a medical examination administered by a Federal Aviation Administration designated Medical Examiner prior to flying. A third-class medical certificate is required for private pilot training. However, we encourage students to obtain the first-class certificate to ensure they meet the requirements to be an airline transport pilot.

Those students pursuing the Aviation Management degree with the Air Traffic Control concentration are not required to obtain a second-class certificate to enter the program. However, we highly encourage all ATC students to obtain a second class certificate prior to classes to determine if they meet FAA hiring requirements.

          1. Go to the FAA MedXpress website to begin your medical certificate application.

          2. To find an Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) in your area go to https://www.faa.gov/pilots/amelocator

If you have questions regarding the FAA Medical Certification, refer to the FAA’s FAQ on the subject.