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Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Hampton University!

Chemical Engineering applies chemical, physical, and biological processes to convert materials to more valuable products or useful forms of energy. The role of a chemical engineer is to conceptualize, design, develop, control and operate those processes so that they are profitable, safe, efficient, and environmentally acceptable. Chemical Engineering education is unique for its strong emphasis on building-up the ability to apply a system’s approach to problem solving, to synthesize useful results, to form productive partnerships with other professions, and to apply principles from a broad range of scientific disciplines. Please take a moment to review our undergraduate program.

» Chemical Engineering

For more information, please contact Dr. Brian Aufderheide with questions about the Chemical Engineering program.

Mailing Address:
Chemical Engineering Department
168 Marshall Ave.
Olin Engineering Building 
Hampton University 
Hampton, VA 23668

Phone: 757-727-5288
Fax: 757-727-5189