The Department - Facilities

The Bemis Laboratories were built in 1931, for use in developing innovative building materials. The architect was Theo. B. White, a Norfolk native trained in Philadelphia. Today it is home to the Department of Architecture. On the ground floor are the entrance lobby and first year studio; the art department’s ceramic studio is accessed by a separate entrance. On the second floor, a two story atrium opens on to the main office and provides access to the Moses Library and digital media lab; to the west lies a large meeting room and the third year studio. The third floor houses the second, fourth, and fifth year studios.

The William H. Moses Architecture Library is a satellite of the university library system. The collections includes books and  journals, as well as digital and video materials. In addition, it houses the Sol Cohen, Architect, archives; Mr. Cohen was a twentieth century architect and benefactor of the Department of Architecture. Additional portions of the architectural book collection are housed at the William R. and Norma B. Harvey Library on campus. Mr. Moses was the first Chair of the Department of Architecture.

Housed within the Moses Library is a digital media lab. The lab is equipped for design input and output with desktop computers outfitted with 2D and 3D drawing and modeling software, an Immersive Multi-touch computer, three large format scanners, and large format plotters. Also available are a laser cutter and 3D printers.

Traditional power and hand building tools and materials are to be found in Model Shop, located in the Armstrong-Slater building, adjacent to Bemis Labs. Armstrong Slater originally housed the building trades program, and was designed and built by faculty and students. The Department of Architecture also shares additional computer lab facilities located in the Olin Engineering Building, the School of Engineering and Technology’s headquarters.