Standing Scholarships

Standing Scholarships

John H. Spencer Scholarship Award

A partial scholarship award, in honor of former chair and professor emeritus John Spencer. Awarded annually to a second year student selected by the faculty.

James Robinson Scholarship Award

A partial scholarship established in honor of James Robinson, a graduate and founder of a successful firm in Buffalo, by his family, which includes additional alumni. Awarded annually to a third year student selected by the faculty.

Fifth Year Fund

Fifth year fund is being developed to help students in the final year of study, when many traditional funding streams are no longer available to them.

Marilyn and Ray Gindroz Prize

A scholarship covering tuition, travel, and lodging to a student applying to study at the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art’s Winter Intensive Study Program in New York.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships sometimes are available for students from the department for work done for the department by a selected fifth year student.


Stipends are sometimes available for selected students participating in the adaptation to sea level rise program.