Aviation Safety Program at Hampton University

Safety Commitment

The HU Aviation department is 100% committed to safety. HU aviation professors and studentsĀ are required to follow all safety recommendations and policies set forth in the Training CourseĀ Outline, Safety Practices & Procedures, SOP, and guidance from the University.

Safety Management System

The 4 pillars of the SMS will be included in all aspects of ground and flight training. InstructorsĀ and students are expected to be familiar with the 4 pillars and are required to incorporate themĀ into all aspects of training.

ā€¢ Safety Policy: Establishes senior managementā€™s commitment to continually improveĀ safety; defines the methods, processes, and organizational structure needed to meet safetyĀ goals.

ā€¢ Safety Risk Management: Determines the need for, and adequacy of, new or revisedĀ risk controls based upon on the assessment of acceptable risk.

ā€¢ Safety Assurance: Evaluates the continued effectiveness of implemented risk controlĀ strategies, supports the identification of new hazards.

ā€¢ Safety Promotion: Includes training, communication, and other actions to create aĀ positive safety culture within all levels of the workforce.

Safety Point of Contact

ChiefĀ Safety Officer: Peter Lin, 630-408-8456, hengwen.lin@hamptonu.edu

Chief Flight Instructor, Mark Hartney, 757-288-8827, mhartney@rickaviation.com