Department of Aviation FAQs

Flight Education FAQs

It is important to note that flight training fees are in addition to the university’s tuition and fees.

For a more information on flight training costs, click here

Flight students will fly at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport with our flight training partner, Rick Aviation, approximately 15 minutes from campus.

Students are expected to fly a minimum of three times a week. Students are encouraged to fly as often as possible to improve proficiency and with the aim to graduate on time.

The Aviation department provides transportation to and from the airport Monday through Friday. Freshmen and Sophomores who are in the flight program also have the option to apply for a campus parking waiver in order to drive to and from the airport.

Typically, flight training is pay-as-you-go. Students will pay Rick Aviation directly at the conclusion of each flight lesson. Students can also set up flight accounts with Rick Aviation in which money can be loaded into the account to pay for flight training.  

Typically, most students will begin flying the second week into the Fall semester.

Yes. We grant academic credit towards the Flight Education program for any previously-earned pilot certificates and ratings. For example, if a student comes in having earned their Private Pilot’s License prior to entering the program, they will receive academic credit and begin Instrument training. 

Air Traffic Control FAQs

First-time college students and student with some college credit will usually take four years to complete the program following the suggested schedule.

The AT-CTI program at Hampton has no restrictions on the age of a students. However, anyone interested in being an air traffic controller for the FAA must not have reached their 31st birthday by the time of hire. Students should plan to have at least one year after graduation before reaching age 31. 

There is a $250 lab fee for each air traffic control lab course. There are currently 5 lab courses.

A medical exam is not required for the air traffic control program at Hampton. However, we do highly encourage students interested in the AT-CTI program to obtain a FAA Class II medical certificate prior to classes to determine if they meet FAA hiring requirements.

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