The Department - History

Founded to educate recently emancipated African-Americans for productive lives in the U.S., Hampton Institute was dedicated to training “Heads, Hearts, and Hands.”  Crucial to every endeavor in life, these are also principal components of architectural training.

Early on this involved trade schools where building crafts were learned.  By the 1940s, training in architecture had been added to the building sciences curriculum and since 1972 the program has been fully accredited as a professional degree program by the National Architectural Accreditation Board.

We are proud of our roots and of our trajectory.  The inclusiveness of the University since its founding, welcoming by charter both women and men of all races, still creates a diverse population of students and faculty from around the world.

The original campus buildings, designed by some of the most renowned architects of their day, teach lessons of the longevity of good design and of bold dreams.