Academics - Courses

Courses offered by the Department of Architecture provide the training necessary for the accredited Master of Architecture degree. In addition to training in design, construction methods, and basic engineering, courses in architectural history (ARC 207 and 208) and an introduction to building assembly (ARC 213), for example, are open to all members of the university community. ARC 531, Introduction to Adaptation to Sea Level Rise, is open to all honors students and by permission of the instructor.

In addition to the core curriculum, faculty work to provide an array of broader learning opportunities in the field. The undergraduate level ARC 430 classes have in recent years included a travel program to the New Urbanist town of Seaside, Florida and a Beaux Arts Atelier taught by student alumni of the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture’s Winterim Intensive in New York. Graduate level 530 classes have included study in digital fabrication, mapping historic districts, methods of the Historic American Building Survey program, writing for architects, and classes organized to enter local and national competitions, including a design for a First Landing Memorial, a Martin Luther King Memorial for the City of Hampton, and proposals for the Walt Disney Corporation.

Students will also find courses on campus offered by other departments to meet both their curricular requirements in art, social sciences, humanities, math, and physics and also their interests in other disciplines.


Adobe Acrobat Course Descriptions 2016-2017