Academic Advising

Proper advising is a two-way information flow between the student and advisor and should not be confused with the mechanics of registration or mere form-signing. Students should see their faculty advisor often and whenever they need guidance on the educational path they have chosen. In order to clear up difficulties that may arise, students must bear the responsibility for actively seeking a solution to problem(s). Students should not be inhibited from asking pertinent questions. The main sources of help are your advisor and the department chair. If students fulfill their responsibilities in this educational experience, the help they need will be available. The department provides program-specific information to assist in advisement and in maintaining the academic schedule.

Although general questions may be answered by the department chair, academic advising is obtained through the assigned advisor. Note that advisors are always ready to assist you. But the full responsibility for following the course sequence and keeping track of the curriculum requirements falls upon the students.

If the student is dissatisfied with the assigned advisor despite the best efforts at needed communication, the student has the right (and an obligation to oneself) to request a change. This request should be made to the department chair.

Personal advising is available through the Center for Academic Support. Professional counselors are available in their courses and through personal contact throughout the academic tenure. The students should also consult the Career Services and Counseling Office for further career guidance.

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