The Department of Architecture adheres to the admission requirements established by the University Admissions Office. In addition, the Department restricts enrollment to students with SAT of 960 or above, and Math SAT of 480 or above. The University Admissions Office may refer applicants not meeting the above requirements to the Department of Architecture for review.

The first year of the 5 year Master of Architecture program is the foundation/pre-professional year. Enrollment in the first year is open to any student admitted to Hampton University. Because much of the Architecture curriculum is sequentially structured, students are screened at the end of the first year, and each subsequent year, to assure the prerequisites have been completed with satisfactory grades before advancing to the next level. A portfolio review of the first year studio work is required for admission into the 2nd year studio. All undergraduate prerequisites must be completed prior to admission to the graduate level in the last semester of the program.

Transfer students seeking advanced placement in the Master of Architecture Program must submit a portfolio of work completed at the previous college or university for review. No transfer credit will be given for the 5th year Design Research Thesis studio sequence.

We treasure the diversity of our students and faculty and know each, with commitment, can succeed in a rigorous but rewarding area of study.