Flight Training Requirements

TSA Approval for Flight Training

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has set forth requirements that must be met before students can conduct flight training at Hampton University (HU) and with Rick Aviation.

Rick Aviation and Hampton University’s Department of Aviation is required by the TSA to verify the citizenship of all students prior to conducting any flight training in certain flight courses. This process must be completed at HU and is completed by Flight Instruction personnel at the airport. This is normally accomplished when students meet with their flight instructor at Rick Aviation for the first time.

Verification of citizenship is required for the following courses: AVN 163, AVN 267, AVN 363, and AVN 465. 

Students will complete this process multiple times as they progress through flight training and will need to present proper identification each time the process must be done.

Students who are United States citizens will be required to show proof of citizenship prior to beginning flight training. This typically consists of presenting a valid, unexpired US Passport or a certified birth certificate combined with a government-issued photo ID. Students should make sure they bring the appropriate documents with them when they come to HU. A full list of acceptable forms of identification is available online.

Students who are not United States citizens have additional TSA requirements, and will need to start the TSA approval process before the semester begins.

For more information on TSA procedures and approval, you can contact Rick Aviation

Student Pilot Certificate

Students enrolling in AVN 163 who do not already hold a Private Pilot Certificate must apply for a Student Pilot Certificate from the FAA. This certificate is required for a solo flight and can be accomplished online via the FAA’s Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA). This process does not have to be completed prior to a student’s arrival on campus as instructors at Rick Aviation will ensure completion of the application prior to the student’s solo flight.