Laboratories and Facilities

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Flight Simulator Laboratory

Flight simulators, located in Room 263 of the Science & Technology Building, are for use by Hampton University Aviation Department students and faculty. Students working toward an Instrument or Instrument Instructor rating will have scheduling priority. Any aviation student, after a simulator check-out by a departmental instructor, may use the simulators.  

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Laboratories

The Air Traffic Control program contains two labs that emulate radar and tower simulated environments. The Radar and Tower labs are located on the second floor in Whipple Barn. The terminal radar lab is high-fidelity and utilizes the ATCPro software in addition to the ATCSimulator-2 software to introduce students to ATC procedures in the terminal radar environment.  The multi-position radar lab simulates the TRACON (Terminal Radar Control) environment to include voice recognition, virtual controllers, pseudo-pilot simulations and more! FeelThere The Aviation department has established a licensing agreement with software company FeelThere to use the Tower 3D Pro & Tower Simulator 3 software in the Tower lab. This software utilizes the latest technology to provide students a realistic Tower environment that helps to enhance their understanding of ATC procedures in the tower environment. This software includes voice recognition, electronic flight strips, 3D views of the airport and much, much more!  

FAA Testing Laboratory

Hampton University’s Aviation Department is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to administer FAA computerized written tests. The facility is on-line and located in Room 264 of the Science & Technology Building. Establishment of this facility allows students to complete their computerized required FAA exams on campus.