Program Fees

Academics - Program Fees

Within the professional degree program, there are a number of recurring expenses, each important to student work and growth. The department assesses a per semester fee to cover or significantly offset a number of these expenses.

Professional fees are used to supply a substantial portion of the drafting equipment first year students need to start on their degree program.

Professional fees are used to substantially offset the cost of the required student study abroad.

Professional fees are also used to pay fees students need to begin their files with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, the first and essential step toward licensure.

The fees cover membership in the student organizations affiliated with both the American Institute of Architects and the National Organization of Minority Architects, both crucial to the development of professional networks.

And, finally, the fees are used to maintain the plotting, printing, and scanning equipment and supplies necessary to all presentation work. This equipment, housed in the Moses Library and the CAD Lab within it, are in nearly constant use.