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Department of Aviation

Science & Technology Building, Room 269, Hampton, VA 23668
O: 757-727-5418 

The Department of Aviation in the School of Engineering, Architecture and Aviation provides students with preparation for a variety of careers in aviation. As one of only 40 Aviation programs accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), we ensure our students are provided with quality education, training, and expertise that meets industry standards.

Since 1985, our graduates have entered the industry as airport operators, pilots, and air traffic controllers, equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful.

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Aviation Department Mission

The Department of Aviation in the School of Engineering, Architecture and Aviation provides students with preparation for a variety of careers in aviation. Combined with a strong liberal arts background, the aviation program prepares students to participate in building the future of the aviation industry. The Department also prepares its students to be professionals by demonstrating the value of life-long learning through research projects and the value of service to the University, aviation profession, and community.

The Department of Aviation is committed to providing a high-quality aviation education for all its students with faculty actively involved in advancing the aviation community. We strive to prepare students for meaningful aviation careers within government and the aerospace industry, and to instill a strong sense of social awareness and responsibility to the public. The Department of Aviation has established itself as a high-quality Bachelor of Science degree program with a national reputation for outstanding graduates.

Departmental Objectives

  • To provide an educational setting and methodology that prepares graduates to compete for meaningful careers within the field of aviation.
  • To provide an atmosphere conducive to the encouragement of analytical thought appropriate for professionals and administrators in aviation.
  • To encourage and develop student growth as responsible, perceptive citizens, imbued with the distinctive ethical code and culture of Hampton University.
  • To encourage participation in national organizations, which will provide graduates with a network of support for their chosen career path.
  • To facilitate intern/cooperative opportunities for students with the Aviation industry.

Hampton University's Aviation Partners

Aviation Department Faculty & Staff

Mr. John Murray
Aviation Department, Chair

Mr. Orestes Gooden
Aviation Flight Safety Manager

Dr. Heng Wen Lin, DHA
Assistant Professor, Flight Education

Mr. Timothy Johnson
Assistant Professor, Air Traffic Control

Mr. Trey Shannon
Flight Scheduler/ Transportation Specialist

Students of HU Aviation

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