The Profession

The Profession

Architecture is a rich field of endeavor, each project designed presenting new parameters to be synthesized into unique solution. Professionals are licensed by state boards to insure practitioners keep the safety of the public at the top of their skills sets. Although requirements vary state to state, each requires three principle components.

First, an applicant must earn a degree accredited by the National Architectural Education Board (NAAB). The Hampton University architecture program has been fully accredited since 1969, and the Master of Architecture degree was recently re-accredited for the maximum period allowable, eight years. More information on NAAB may be found at

As an additional requirement, an applicant must take a six part test, the Architectural Registration Exam. Developed at the national level by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, it is administered by individual states to which an applicant has applied for licensure.

Third, each applicant must gain some experience in the field. The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, which creates the ARE, also administers the keeping records of internship and related qualifying experience in their Architectural Experience Program (AXP). Visiting their site a will give you sense of the sorts of experience that will qualify you for licensure. The amount of recorded AXP credit hours required varies from state to state. Maintaining a file with NCARB will smooth securing reciprocal licenses in states beyond that in which you tested.

Licensed architects are an elite group of professionals. The Department of Architecture looks forward to setting you on the path to joining them in a full and active career.